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Yoga Daemon

What is Yoga?

Hatha Yoga uses the physical body as a means of understanding the Self ie: the essential qualities that make up each person’s unique being.

All mainstream Yoga taught in the UK is a form of Hatha Yoga whether it be for example Astanga, Kundalini, Iyengar, Vini or Bikram Yoga.


How do I teach Yoga?

I teach small groups of students who work together as a team to understand the basic concepts, movements and skills necessary to develop a personal practice and to learn if necessary more complex techniques.

You will be expected to do a small amount of homework every week, to take an active part in each class, answering questions, watching me and each other and above all to become used to watching yourself. I will observe you closely and offer individual advice on how to encourage a process of acceptance and change.

Beginners learn a series of basic warm up movements, a simple series of stances (standing poses), some breathing techniques and various alternatives for concluding a practice.

Experienced students are expected to have a regular personal practice, to be attentive and responsive and prepared to work on their own in the class.

Why do Yoga?

Yoga helps you to understand and fully enjoy your essential nature.

The by-products of a Hatha Yoga practice are increased flexibility (or in the case of people who are already very flexible, reduced mobility), steadiness, concentration, strength, more effective breathing, better sleep and digestion, and improved integration of the body and mind.