gizmo learning curve

gizmo learning curve
11th October 2015 Oz Osmaston

lucky I’m a patient woman…with no pressing demands on my time, today…

South Ockendon services, M25, massive truck stop and hardly any cars. this due no doubt to the proximity of the Dartford crossing, and the impossibility of getting to these services  due to big merciless trucks and the complexity of the road system and roundabout.  I for one had to go all the way round and try again to hit the right exit.

then, I saw this handy gizmo, or so I thought…

image  why haven’t I seen anyone else with one? well this is why – and hour later, much fiddling and hilarity, I’ve found somewhere for it where it doesn’t completely block my view of anything useful. there is a reason why satnav’s are average phone sized!

and an iPad is relatively heavy, so I’m not convinced it’s going to survive steady bumping, or any kind of jolt. I think it needs a landing pad – strategic cushion on top of stone on front seat.

this is what it looks like – on passenger door window.

image there’s something about the M25 – every time I go on it I end up somewhere I didn’t mean to be. you’ll see on the map – grey spot is where I am, pink spot is where I started  and red spot is where I’m going. oh well, it’s an adventure.