it’s all really tricky, and blue

it’s all really tricky, and blue
18th November 2015 Oz Osmaston

the little chisels, 4mm wide, are tricky to sharpen because there’s the same amount of pressure (unless you’re very careful) as sharpening a larger chisel, going into a small area, which makes it very easy to fuck it up…

imagehere’s old one on the left, and the new one, and lucky I bought it as this job needs its drawn out length to get into those tricky corners. and I was surprised how much I’d worn down the old one…

the kettle is just there because that was the nearest source of water, not that hot water makes any difference



imagethis is what I’m doing – taking about half a mil. off the edge of the paint – this because I’m a lot more handy with a chisel than a paintbrush!  most of what is in this picture has had only the first cut, where it looks clean there’s a second cut making a tiny V channel round the design. it’s tricky because the paint is acrylic and is like a plastic blue skin on the stone, so I have to slice it neatly off, and as you can see I am not always successful, so there will be touching up to be done, more blobs and swearing.

meanwhile on the back there’s a whole other story going on, also involving blue paint, an Oz and a Burr&Bevel glyph