learning curve with the car

learning curve with the car
11th September 2015 Oz Osmaston
  1. if you wax your car (and no-one I know does) do not wax the windscreen – when it gets wet it emulsifies, and then it’s like driving with a layer of Vaseline between you and the world, nasty

2. do not buy cheap airfreshener to get rid of the pong of smoking while listening to loud music, especially Neutrogena which smells like a urinal and is VERY strong, even when trapped in the glove compartment. It is now living in the Judd Street Car Park. So don’t go there, on so many counts. It now smells horrendous, it is frightening to use – big car, small space, lots of pillars, and ruinously expensive – minimum stay 2hours, charge £9.40

the entrance, that's a 1:5 slope and a sharp right turn

the entrance, that’s a 1:5 slope and a sharp right turn



there’s Diana, reverse parked, missing a car by millimetres and taking a year off my life


3. do not forget to pay the congestion charge  – there’s no excuse, you can set it up to pay automaticallyIMG_4176

4. do have these three apps, without which (and Google Maps) my driving life in London would be a lot harder.

parkopediapay by phone











5. do visit Cornelisson, the most alluring art shop in London