stone stats

stone stats
19th September 2015 Oz Osmaston

for those of you who are fascinated by how long it takes and stats – the C of Cottage has taken 3.5hrs to carve, putting the design on the stone took an hour, sanding the stone (mostly in the rain) took 2.5hrs, preparing the drawing and visualising it took about 16hrs, having the initial idea, discussion and sizing about 6hrs. So 28hrs so far.


and I danced, did stretches and bends, tricky monkey twists and yoga inventions, drank coffee, smoked and sang in the sun while carving…

the 12mm Al-Orr chisel has been sharpened 5 times, and the hammer end ground to stop it spreading with the force of the blows. I am in love with the stone – it is very hard, a bit tricky, occasionally ‘plucks’ – a shell pops out, but on the whole more forgiving than softer stone.